The Business Description

At RemitM, we recognise the importance of providing a unique platform to our customers to enjoy a safer and more convenient online money transfer experience.

Whilst we implement security measures to ensure safer transactions for our customers, we continuously add convenience, services and savings to your online remittance journey.

Following the significant success of the ‘one-time-transaction code’ for beneficiary creation, ensuring security for all RemitM transactions to date, we have taken the security and convenience of money transfers to the next level.

Now, you can simply and conveniently transfer money anytime, to your family and friends using our new, improved transaction code.

How does this makes your life easier?

More security for customers and easy to understand steps.

More convenience, as no paper work is involved.

The transaction code is sent to your registered mobile number at the time of transaction.

You can process your transactions anytime, anywhere.

Set up an account
  • Read and accept our terms and condition of service
  • Set up your account with personal identification and address details
  • Add your contact details – including email address and telephone numbers.
Account validation
  • Your contact details are validated
  • Validation code sent by text message to your mobile number
  • Validation link sent to your email address
  • You activate the email link with validation code
  • Follow up confirmation is sent to your address.
Set up account information
  • Set up the account information
  • Select remittance type
  • Provide your bank or debit account details
  • Choose the frequency of transfers
  • Save.
Set up beneficiary details
  • Beneficiary personal details
  • Beneficiary bank details
  • Save
  • Add another beneficiary, if required
  • Repeat the process and save.
Add payment details
  • Set up transfer instruction
  • Enter amount and currency of transfer
  • Accept or decline exchange rate
  • Select reason for remittance
  • Save.
Process the transfer
  • Select the beneficiary/beneficiaries from your beneficiary list
  • Enter the amount to transfer
  • After clicking Submit, you will receive a transaction code to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the transaction code and submit your request.
  • Log in using your email credentials
  • Select the remittance code
  • Check the status of the transfer.
  • RemitM UK account receives funds
  • Tracking status changed to processing
  • Transfer from RemitM UK account to RemitM Ghanaian Bank Corresponding Banking Partner Account in UK
  • Money received in RemitM account in Ghana in local currency
  • Tracking status changed to confirmed.
Remittance to beneficiary account
  • Allocation from RemitM Bank account to beneficiary account.
  • Email sent to Remitter’s email account
  • Tracking status changed to completed
  • Remitter’s transaction history is updated.

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